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ZyCraft USV participation in IMDEX Asia 2019

14th May 2019 marks the official opening of Asia Pacific’s premier international maritime defence show – IMDEX Asia, at Singapore Changi Exhibition Centre. ZyCraft USV actively participated in the exhibition and presents the enabling technologies that have allowed Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) to emerge as a viable platform for marine operations as well as the application areas where they offer value.










Participants watching the Live demostration of autonomous sailing


Zycraft USV is the leader in the development of unmanned surface vessels and its applications. The company was formed in 2011 for the purpose of developing advanced, unmanned marine systems technologies.

During the exhibition, audience can watch the live demonstration of the LRV17 Independent Unmanned Surface Vessel at the booth, and fully experience the core technologies such as autonomous navigation automatic obstacle avoidance and anti-collision capability.

As a local unmanned boat company in Singapore, ZyCraft USV has always been the sector leader in Singapore。A total of three products were unveiled at the show – M75 Unmanned Target Boat, LRV17 Independent Unmanned Surface Vessel (IUSV) and the DDS-920P Diver Detection Sonar system. Zycraft M75 Unmanned Target Boat as a dynamic fire target effectively improves the responsiveness, reconnaissance ability and combat capabilities of training ships









Interaction with naval personnel on Unmanned Target Boat

ZyCraft USV products and application demo attracted many maritime defense personnel attention where they stay to understand the technical features and functional applications of the product that is of great interest to them. We received high recognition of our outstanding technical strength and product performance.

LRV17 Vigilant Class IUSV is designed to operate independently of a mother craft. Its size and enhanced seakeeping qualities enable shore to shore operations. Even in rough seas, one can expect the IUSV to remain operational, thus allowing naval vessels to focus on their missions instead of worrying about the safety and security of the USV. Command and control is achieved via satellite communications systems, thus enabling the IUSV to operate anywhere in the world.

DDS-920P Diver Detection Sonar is a high frequency active sonar compactly designed with lightweight for high portability and flexibility to meet the requirements for easy installation onboard or as a fixed deployment.









Sharing our product applications with overseas guest