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Zycraft introduces modified Dolphin USV (by Jane’s International Defence Review)

Zycraft introduces modified Dolphin USV
Date Posted: 02-Mar-2020
Author: Kelvin Wong, Singapore
Publication: Jane’s International Defence Review

Dolphin 1 with Back Pack

Dolphin 1 with Back Pack

On 2 Mar 2020, Jane’s International Defence Review reported that Singapore based unmanned maritime systems developer Zycraft has produced the BacPac option to the Dolphin rescue unmanned surface vessel (USV), produced by partner OceanAlpha.

The BacPac sea transfer module is able to carry payloads of up to 10 kg between ships that are unable to manoeuvre alongside each other due to sea conditions or security concerns. “It can be radio controlled to 500 m range and is usable under most sea conditions and has been proven in at least Sea State 3,” said James Soon, President of Zycraft.

The company is also in discussions to demonstrate the system for port logistics.

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