Search & Rescue

A Revolution in SAR | Saving Lives with the IUSV

Zycraft is pioneering unmanned SAR operations with the Vigilant IUSV. Unmanned SAR platforms provide all weather long endurance capability and optimises the use of existing SAR sensors.

Properly equipped with special radar and Electro-optic system as well as transponder locators, the IUSV SAR platform is a versatile capability for countries that have long coastlines and huge expanse of oceans to cover. The SAR IUSV can remain at sea for many days to conduct operations and help keep alive the hopes for those waiting to hear about their loved ones.

ZC_SARImage_2 ZC_SARImage_1

The SAR module and recovery arm in operation

The Vigilant IUSV™ SAR module allows up to 7 casualties to be held in a special litter with additional seating space for conscious casualties. Patient monitoring is available to provide the health status of casualties to shore rescue authorities to plan their recovery resources.

A special recovery arm enables a shore operator to recover unconscious casualties when no one else can help recover the casualty into the vessel.