Maritime Logistics

A Revolution in Maritime Logisitics

For delivery of small packages to many different locations at sea on a routine basis, Zycraft offers the Maritime Logistics version of the IUSV. Each of the packages are kept in easy to handle and waterproof plastic cases.

Naval Afloat Forward Support

The Maritime Logistics IUSV is especially useful for supporting naval task forces at sea that need to have ships cover a wide area but do not have the naval air assets to support transfer of needed spares for critical electronic equipment. The Maritime IUSV is also able to take an available spare from one vessel and rapidly transfer it to a vessel in need, without ships having to leave their stations.

ZC_MarLogImage2 ZC_MarLogImage1

Logistics Module on IUSV and use of robotic arm for logistics unit transfer

Remote Location Support

For support of outlying populations along a coastal area or a river network, the Maritime Logistics IUSV is most suitable for providing a regular resupply of needed supplies as well as providing delivery of perishable material and information such as newspapers and mail packages.