Harbor Defense

Mobile Anti-Diver Protection Capability

The protection of vital coastal infrastructure and ships at anchor is one of today’s critical task against the threat of underwater sabotage and terrorism.

The HD IUSV platforms provides a cost effective response to threats from the surface and underwater. As a mobile platform, it enables wide area protection far more effectively than static underwater systems can provide.

Sonar Lowered
Internal Layout of Sonar System
Sonar Lowered
Sonar Lowered

Working with partners that have proven sonar capabilities, the HD IUSV uses retractable sonars and sensors for underwater search, track and prosecution. Coupled with radar and electro-optics, and using information from other third party sources, the HD IUSV can easily determine false alarms from surface traffic and if necessary, prosecute high speed threats.

An optionally manned area for response forces is also possible inside the HD IUSV.