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IMDEX 2017: Vigilant-class IUSV completes long-endurance trial

IMG_9213Singapore-based Zycraft USV, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of unmanned surface vessels (USVs) for commercial and government applications, has announced that it had completed the longest deployment of its Vigilant-class Independent USV (IUSV) prototype to date. According to Zycraft USV, the 17 m-long IUSV was deployed from its Singapore home port to the South China Sea for a continuous period of 22 days, covering 1,900 n miles, operating at an average speed of 5 kt with intermittent high-speed transits. The company also revealed that the vehicle had started its deployment with slightly over 6,000 litres of diesel and returned to port with 2,800 litres of fuel remaining.

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