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Gunshot Detection Technology For Counter Piracy Vessel

Zycraft has field has fielded a state-of-the-art gunshot detection system called B-AMMS (Boat Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor) onboard its Shomari LRV-17 counter piracy escort vessels. This provides the Shomari LRV-17 with an early warning capability against weapon fire that pirates may employ and which is normally very difficult to detect in a noisy marine environment.

The B-AMMS, developed by Microflown Maritime BV, is an extension of its proven vehicle mounted SAF (Small Arms Fire) detection system currently in operation with the Dutch Forces. The system features Microflown’s proprietary acoustic vector sensor and software and its small size, weight and power means it can be fitted on almost all types of maritime vessels. B-AMMS can detect multiple shots of small arms fire and provide both the direction as well as the range for each of the shots. Mastering multi-shooting scenarios, the B-AMMS detects shots and localizes the shooter position, whether being targeted directly or when the shooter is not firing at the vessel. The system detects very well both the shockwave and the muzzle blast of such an acoustic event. This acoustic vector detection and localization system also works at larger ranges and miss distances than conventional gunshot detection systems. Ranges up to 1500m and miss distance up to 200m can be achieved.

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