Track. Detect. Respond.

Zycraft USV also offers ship owners a unique Total Response Capability (TRC) to respond to piracy situations and most importantly to ensure that ship crews have greater assurance that they will be rescued in the event of a piracy attack.

A smart tracker is installed onboard TRC-enabled ships to allow ship owners full visibility of vessel track and occurences. This allows Zycraft USV to provide 24/7 visibility regarding the whereabouts of the vessel.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the TRC provides rapid update of threatening situations that may be happening onboard the vessel. This allows the TRC base command to inform ship owners in timely manner of developing situations.

Working with insurance partners, the TRC uses the Shomari Long Range Vessels to respond to threatening situations as soon as it happens. This increases the chance of safe vessel recovery and therefore lowers the risk of loss of asset and lives. The response capability is particularly important for safety of seafarers.

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